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Jupiter Transiting to Libra on 12 September 2017



Rahu-Ketu Changing Rashi on 17th Aug,2017 - Four Rashis are going to be wealthy

If enemies trouble you, then stop eating salt on Fridays. Your enemies will not be able to do any harm to you then.

If you're not getting support from your in-laws, then install a "payau"/drinking water facility in the area where the in-laws live.

Neighbors keep disturbing you - by telling lies or spreading negative comments about you, then start burning 3 candles on your front door everyday with a small prayer where you ask God to save you the agony from others. This should help your neighbors become more friendly with you.

If someone takes a loan from you and is not returning it, offer a blue flower to your God while saying the borrower's name and asking God to help you get your money back from that person. Do this for 43 days and start asking for your money back.

To start work in partnership, check whether Rahu and Mars are in a good position in your chart. If yes, then you can go ahead with the partnership without any hesitation. If not, then light a candle/deepak for Hanumanji on Tuesdays and on Saturdays put 2 drops of honey on a peepal tree's leaf and let it go in some flowing water. This leaf should be a leaf that has dropped to the ground - instead of breaking a new leaf from the tree.

If you don't have a sister, then you should make it a point to donate something to some elder poor person or to some disabled person after Sunset on a Saturday. This should make your life more happy.

If you keep losing expensive items, then start donating some sesame seed sweets (laddoos) wrapped in a skyblue cloth on Saturdays after sunset.

If your child is going negative, have the child wear a copper ball around the neck and also have the child give us food to a dog everyday. The child's character will slowly start improving.

If your vehicle keeps getting into accidents resulting in damage to the vehicle, then take an iron box which can be tightly closed and fill it with some mustard seed oil (sarson ka tel). This iron box should be kept in your vehicle - make sure the oil does not spill out of the box. Hopefully, your problems will subside.

If the animals in your home are dying away (inlcuding fish, ants, or any other pets), it's a bad sign. Start doing pitra dosh yag for 5 years regularly otherwise there will be less chance of success in your home and family members will start remaining sick.

If your father is frequently getting sick or remains sick, start donating items related to Shani every Saturday for a long period of time; also arrange for a hand-pump or arrange for a way with which people can get drinking water in your father's area of residence.

If your economic situation is not good from childhood, then you must never take any gift/donation from anyone; don't take any money for work you have not done; donate 5 almonds to a religious place every Monday. This should hopefully stop your unwealthy period and start off the wealthy period in your life.

Children who keep getting ill - their nails should be massaged with the help of mustard oil and they should do mahamrityunjaya jap.

Start donating kheer on Mondays to stop any quarrels or problems with your mother.

If you aren't able to save money - put a shammi tree's root in an iron container and close it tightly. Keep this in your treasure. It will prove beneficial in helping you increase your savings.

If your investments in the stock market aren't yielding good results, start keeping shri yantra of kuber yantra with you and worship it everyday. You should also do ratri-sukt or shri-sukt paath regularly.

If you live very close to the jail, it causes negative effects on you. As remedy, donate a coconut which has water in it to Bhairav Baba mandir or place it under a peepal tree, then break it and offer it to people and also eat it yourself. This should be done for as long as you live near the jail.

If you're having troubles changing your job, start worshipping the Sun and throw a copper coin in flowing water for 43 days. This will get rid of obstacles and will allow a good change.

Some people start crashing or hitting into things, if this is happening, eat an orange each day and start donating milk on Mondays.

If you keep getting into accidents, then you may be under the negative influence of Shani or Rahu, or you may be going through saade-saati or dahiya phase, as a remedy, encircle a coconut for 5 Saturdays over your head and then offer it to your isht/personal God and then distribute it as prasaad.

If your children and your father are going through tough times, then offer some food and water to deer at least 4 times in a year. This should prove helpful.

If all of a sudden you start seeing blackspots on your face, start drinking water from a silver glass - the water should have been in the glass for at least 6 hours.

If your neighbors are disturbing you a lot, then offer sweets made of gram flour/besan or some pakora to Baglamukhi goddess and ask Ma to do good for you and to help your neighbors understand that you do not have ill intentions for them.

If you are about to join new work/new position which is at a higher level, ask your father to arrange/make a copper Sun for you and then have him put it around your neck on a Sunday. This will help your reputation - something which should remain positive when you are at a high rank.

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If you have some kind of vani-dosh, take 3 beads from the kamala-gatta bead and wear them around your neck. Do the mantra "om saraswatyay namaha".

To bring about prosperity in the home, keep kuber yantra and worship it regularly.

If a child has problems studying, then have him meditate for at least 5 minutes in front of Maa Saraswati.

Whenever you feel unstable in your career - fill 5 copper containers with some sweets made of besan and donate them on a Sunday - do this for 11 Sundays.

People whose mind line and life line do not run together on the palm usually take their decisions on their own without any consideration for whether the decision will be in accordance to others. If the gap between the 2 lines is big, it causes problems in one's married life. As a remedy, such people shouldn't wear much of red colored clothing, donate sweets (batasha) on Tuesdays, and wear a silver chain around their neck to keep Venus positive.

To get promotion at the workplace, offer a bead/mala made of supaari to lord Ganesha and meditate on him after making this offering and ask him for the promotion.

If the relations between the husband and wife are deteriorating, then they should stop eating bananas and instead plant a banana tree together on a Thursday once a month.

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