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Eleventh House Lord in Seventh House

11th house lord sitting in 7th house.

First of all, let's see what 7th house represent -

7th house represents market place, other people (masses), business partnerships, agreements, marriage, spouse, marital happiness etc.

What does it mean to have 11th house lord in 7th house?

It means the planet which rules/controls/owns the 11th house of your horoscope is sitting in the 7th house of horoscope.

What is the impact of having 11th house lord in 7th house?

This is a position which connects your desires to other people. It is one of the position which requires a person to be a Businessman. This shows person's earning and income depends on how well he connects with other people/masses. This shows that earning is coming from Business and Market Place. It also looks like a good position for relationship, where you earn/gain from your partner/spouse. It shows that person from your friend circle may become your spouse, so it is kind of love marriage position too. This also shows a partnership business with friends. Your friends and spouse become helpful for you to earn and gain in life. Overall, it is a position which shows how a person can fulfill his hopes and wishes through other people.

Now, results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust. Moreover, now we also need to check the strength of 7th house lord as 11th house lord is going in 7th house. So again, Overall Chart Reading is important.

How different planets will behave differently as 11th Lord in 7th house?

Sun - Suppose it is a Libra Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 11th house with Leo sign and sits in the 7th house in the sign of Aries, where it is exalted. This shows person will gain authority and confidence in life only when he is able to connect with other people well enough. Exalted Sun in itself can give Govt Job or Authoritative Position, regardless of the house it is in. So, this shows the position of authority for himself or father. This position makes a person really good people manager. But as Sun burns things of the house it sits in, here Sun burns the relationship aspect of life. It means relations will be impacted by Ego battles and hence it would be difficult to manage a healthy relationship.

Moon - So it is Virgo Ascendant Chart and Moon rules the 11th house with Cancer sign and sits in 7th house in Pisces. This shows a person in a very creative business as Pisces is sign of imagination, creativity and other world. This person should always be pursuing his creativity as Career. More they emotionally connect with people, better it is for their earning and income. It shows Mother & Spouse both are very spiritual. It shows good gains from Mother and Spouse. A Spiritual Mind always involved with other people or spouse.

Mars - Mars can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Gemini Ascendant - So if it is Gemini Ascendant, Mars rules 11th & 6th house and sits in 7th house in Sagittarius sign. This shows that person's hopes and wishes will be fulfilled in life when he connects with people on Higher Learning, Philosophy and Morality. Mars in Sagittarius naturally makes a person very dominant about views, beliefs and values. They are aggressive speakers and hence they can do well as Motivational or Inspirational Speakers. Problem occurs when person has wrong values and considers that to be the right one. Then he fights for those wrong values. In relationship also, different views and beliefs may hurt marriage.

Capricorn Ascendant - Now if it is Capricorn Ascendant, Mars rules 4th & 11th house and sits in 7th house in Cancer sign, where it is debilitated. If Mars is nearby its exact degree of debilitation, this can be a real stressful situation for relation. Person may be very dominating and might even be physically abusive. Marriage should be a thing of 30s for them when Mars matures. Even then person needs to adjust a lot. Same thing goes with Partnership Business. They are better as Sole Proprietor. If Mars is far from debilitated degree then it shows a really impulsive Businessman. It means, if they get a new Business idea, they won't spend much time in executing it. They act too quickly.

Mercury - Mercury also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Leo Ascendant - If it is Leo Ascendant, Mercury rules 11th & 2nd houses and sits in 7th house in Aquarius. This is a common placement for Businessman as Mercury and 7th house both represents Business. Their business will always be about things by which human life can be made easier. So, they may be in Business of new technology products or like products, by which they can make a difference in world. Relationship and Business are communication based. If they cant communicate with your partner or spouse well, then it is a hard time in 7th house matters.

Scorpio Ascendant - If it is Scorpio Ascendant, then Mercury rules 8th and 11th house and sits in 7th house in Taurus. This is another position of Businessman as Mercury is again in 7th house but as Mercury is in Taurus now, field of Business change. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Taurus and Venus both represent Wealth and Finance. So, this man will be in finance related Business. Like, Stock Market or any other Finance field Business will fit for him. Basically, any business where he deals with money and finance, it can be even a business of interest and commission.

Venus - Venus also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Cancer Ascendant - If it is Cancer Ascendant, Venus rules 11th & 4th house and sits in 7th house in Capricorn sign. This shows a person who is either into Wealth/Finance related Business or any Business related with Female Products. Such type of work will give them their authority in world as Capricorn represents Authority. A beautiful relation with Spouse but as Saturn is ruling 7th house, marriage should be delayed. It shows wealth from Spouse/Other People or Network Circle. A good position for Venus to be in.

Sagittarius Ascendant - If it is Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus rules 6th & 11th house and sits in 7th house in Gemini. Again, Venus and Mercury are exchanging energy in 7th house of Business/Relations. So again, it represents someone in finance/wealth related Business. Person can be in Business of Commodities, Conveniences or Female Products. Good gains from Business or Spouse or Friends. Almost similar things can be seen here. Good communicative relation with spouse.

Jupiter - Jupiter also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Aquarius Ascendant - If it is Aquarius Ascendant, Jupiter rules 11th & 2nd house and sits in 7th house in Leo Sign. This shows a person who is like Guide/Mentor or Guru to Partners and Spouse. They will be in knowledge or Education based Business and that gives them status in life. It is more a person who connects with people on the basis of his knowledge, belief etc. So, you can see Religious Leaders or Gurus with this position, who control the beliefs of people with their Guidance. A good position for married life where Spouse will be guide to person. Good wealth from friends and spouse/other people.

Taurus Ascendant - If it is Taurus Ascendant, Jupiter rules 8th & 11th house and sits in 7th house in Scorpio. This shows a person who reaches out to people to spread the knowledge and education of Occult, Mysticism and Biology & Surgeries (as Scorpio also represents Surgeries). They are the Master Mystic. They know all about Occult World, from Astrology to Tantra to Black Magic etc. Excellent position for Mystic. Relations may go through ups and downs where Jupiter's wisdom may come to help the couple.

Saturn - Saturn also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs.

In either sign (Capricorn/Aquarius) as 11th house lord, Saturn in 7th house (for Pisces/Aries Ascendants respectively) indicates a delayed marriage. Early marriage here won't be good. Early marriage bring stress and sudden events with spouse which may even break the relation. But if delayed, it will be a stable relation based on practicalities of life. Spouse will be of elderly age, matured and very realistic/practical about life. Spouse/Person may be working for Govt or Law Field or a Businessman. Business may be related with Iron, Steel etc. So, person must delay the marriage till 30s at least in this case. For Aries Ascendant, Saturn will be exalted, so situations will be little better. Spouse/Person can be a Businessman/Lawyer. Bollywood Romance won't work here. Same thing goes with Business, person has to be very practical here in Business and better to do Business on own rather than in Partnership.

Rahu - If Rahu is 11th house Lord through its sign Aquarius, as it co-rules Aquarius along with Saturn, and sits in 7th house in Libra then 1st of all we need to make sure of Saturn's position as it is the main ruler. Rahu in Libra in 7th house will transform Rahu as Venus as Rahu changes its nature as per the lord of sign it is placed in. Rahu in Libra in 7th house basically shows a marriage into a completely different religion or with a Foreigner. There will be something uniqueness attached with marriage and Business here. Rahu in 7th house is one of karaka of 2nd marriage, so it is better to go with thorough horoscope matching before marriage. Here, person looks for a perfect relationship. Hence, it may happen that they don't find it and feel dissatisfied in relation they have. They may even remain single as they don't want to be in any relation half-heartedly.

Ketu - Likewise, If Ketu is 11th house Lord through its sign Scorpio, as it co-rules Scorpio along with Mars, and sits in 7th house in Cancer then 1st of all we need to make sure of Mars' position as it is the main ruler. As Ketu isolates/separates a person from the things related to the house Ketu is sitting, here it separates person from the concept of being in relation. They are not one of those who are looking out for their first or next partner. They are quite content and spiritual about themselves and their relations. It always remains a possibility with Ketu in 7th house that person is disinterested towards relations. The only way relation can survive in such cases is that couple becomes highly spiritual in matters of relations, means they are happy with whomsoever they marry with no expectations at all. Conjunction/Aspect of a benefic planet may change the situation altogether. Ketu in Cancer makes person isolated from home or mother. They might even be emotionless.

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